Getting a work comp quote for the shooting sports industry has never been easier!

No more applications to fill out, scan, email back and forth and lose track of.  Simply choose an option below and we'll get back to you in less than 24 hours - we promise it's that easy!

Give us 5 minutes and some basic info and we'll give you a ballpark premium estimate

Give us 20 minutes and more detailed info and we'll give you a quote if your client meets our guidelines

Here's some simple instructions for either option you choose:

  1. Input your first and last name and the insured’s company name, not your agency name and click “next”

  2. Enter your email address and phone number and click "agree to terms of service" and click “next”

  3. You’ll be taken to a welcome message to help navigate the platform, very easy – click “next section”

  4. Complete the required fields on each section and at the end click “next section”

  5. When you're all finished click "Finish" and we'll take it from there

If you'd like to get a quote via email, please send the following to our underwriting team at: 


Either way, you'll get an immediate response and a straight answer.  


We do encourage you to contact us to discuss an account to determine if there’s a fit. This avoids wasting time gathering info from your clients that might not fit our program - we value your time!

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